Haicang fines motorists on failing to give way at zebra crossing


Five crosswalks in Haicang District were recently equipped with systems that will detect motor vehicle drivers who do not stop and wait for pedestrians on crosswalks. The system is now in its trial/debugging phase, and is expected to begin normal operations by the middle of the month.

Motor vehicle operators who commit crosswalk violations will be fined 300 yuan and will have three points deducted from their driving licenses.

So far, the system has been installed at only five places in Haicang District: the smaller gate of Xiamen Haicang Affiliated Primary School of Beijing Normal University, the gate of Tianxin Island Primary School, the main gate of Haicang Too Aluohai City Plaza, and the No. 8 gate of the Tianhu residential community.

This move, according to traffic police aims to further promote awareness of traffic regulations among Xiamen drivers. Survey data provided by local traffic police departments showed that the rate of compliance with traffic regulations among motor vehicle drivers at crosswalks in Haicang’s main areas was 91.3 percent before the installation of the new systems.

In addition to installing the automatic detection systems, Haicang has also launched a campaign themed “courtesy of zebra crossing; thumbs-up for civilized behavior.” The campaign aims to promote courteous driving in the area.

A pedestrian-crossing warning system was also installed at crosswalks without traffic lights near Xiamen Children’s Park and Haicang Too Aluohai City Plaza. The pedestrian-crossing warning system is a signal light that flashes when a pedestrian is passing through a crosswalk, so that drivers will be warned of the presence of pedestrians in advance and stop their vehicles a safe distance from the crosswalk.

Traffic police will continue to investigate and install automatic detection systems at other central road sections and intersections in Xiamen.

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