Duterte to public school teachers: I will raise your salary next


President Rodrigo Duterte promised to increase the salary of public school teachers after the basic salary of the military and the police have already been doubled.

“I will raise your salary next,” Duterte said in a speech before public school teachers and principals in Davao City on Friday.

His remarks drew loud cheers from the crowd.

But the President said doubling their salary may not be possible at this time.

“But it would not be doubled. We can’t afford. I’m not blaming anybody, but simply there are too many Filipinos. We lack resources,” he said.

Duterte had earlier said during a Cabinet meeting in Malacañang last January that he wanted to increase the salary of teachers.

Before he ended his speech, the President reiterated his desire to hike teacher’s salary, even saying in jest that he wanted it increased by up to seven-fold.

“Remember, your pay will improve, honest, wait for it, but it will be incremental. It cannot be done at once, you are too many. You will have five times more or seven times more than soldiers,” he said.

Currently, public school teachers’ salaries range from P19,000 to P43,000, depending on their level. They also get allowances and bonuses.

SOURCE: HealthGuide


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