The 2013 FAX President’s Report


Hon. Julius Caesar A. Flores, Hon. Brian Enciso, Philippine Consulate General Staff, Ex-offcio’s, to all our distinguished Guests and friends and to my fellow Filipinos, Good Evening and Mabuhay!

For more than 7 years of my service in this community which I started with Mr. Celso Jalac (Thank You Sir for the opportunity to become FAX member), 5 years as a member and 2 years of my dedication as a President of the Association, 2012 to 2013 was one of the most memorable moments in my life. 2 Years of unforgettable experience in the service of the Filipino community in Xiamen.

Leading the community for 2 years was not an easy task. I focused my attention on bringing back the solidarity of friendship, providing the right information and gaining back the trust of our fellow kababayans who have been inactive to the Filipino community for quite sometime. I was able to encourage them to participate in all the activities coordinated with the Philippine Consulate General Offce and I am happy that it was somehow, a success.

In order to keep the Filipino spirit alive and active, from Bingo Socials, friendly Filipino Sportsfest, cheerful Independence day, from rolling of the dice in Mid- Autumn Festival, angelic voices of the flipino carolers and the unforgettable Christmas Party year-end, we continued all these activities from the previous years and we even added some events and new ideas to keep it more fun and lively.

It was a great honor to receive the trust and gratitude from the community even in small ways, especially those Filipinos who were in need. Giving them useful advice and information makes them aware of what should be done. With this, I thank the Philippine Consulate General Offce for assisting them and giving them legal advice. Thank you very much most especially to Ms. Judelyn Cuaresma (Maraming Salamat po). Please continue the support you’ve shown to our fellow Filipinos because I do believe that “Walang tutulong sa kapwa natin Filipino kundi tayo lang rin mga kapwa nating pinoy”.

As the years passed by the Filipino community in Xiamen is getting better with the different phases in different events. We have extended our hands to some possibilities to collaborate with some expatriate groups here in Xiamen of which one of our goal is to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination. During my term, we were able to tie-up with some sponsors for the Beach Party event which included the Summer Beach Volleyball and Bikini Open Contest which was a huge success. And not to forget, the annual friendly bowling tournament between the Philippines and Singapore which strengthened the bond between the Filipinos and Singaporeans for more than a year. Thank you for your support.

We did not only conduct events for the past 2 years but we also did some projects for the beneft of the community in order to bring back and show to the community that we are putting the funds we raised during the events into a good cause. During my term, we were able to purchase a big tent at the Philippine Consulate Grounds so that we don’t need to rent every time we have some gatherings and activities there. Further to that we have also bought a small portable sound system which is very useful for outdoor events.

We are not only helping and reaching out to the Filipino community here in Xiamen , but we are also helping our fellow Filipinos back in the Philippines . As we all know, typhoons really love the Philippine Islands. Every year more than 20 typhoon tourists are saying Hi! Hello! And Goodbye almost every month.

With the frequent natural disasters that happen in the Philippines , we were able to donate at the end of year 2011, a total amount of 100,000 Philippine Pesos in cash for the Typhoon Victims through the GMA Kapuso Foundation, a television network that we trust. Last year we donated another 110,00 Philippine Peso for (Unang Hakbang sa Kinabukasan) which will beneft the poor children in some urban areas to bring them back to school. The money was donated at the same trusted foundation with offcial receipts.

This year was a different one. The strongest typhoon to ever be recorded in the history of the planet struck the Philippines , typhoon Haiyan or we call it locally as Yolanda. It caused the biggest devastation in the Visayas region. With this, we worked so hard to send bigger help to the Philippines . With your generous donations, as of now we received a total of 65,705 RMB cash donations and a lot of goods in kind. But we don’t stop from there. We are still going to knock on your doors to sing some Christmas Carols in your homes. Further to that, for the frst time, we also have organized an auction of which the proceeds will also go to the typhoon victims, as mentioned in the earlier part of this program. May I take this opportunity to give a million thanks to all the generous donors. Thank you very much in behalf of my country men.

To all the Sponsors for the past 2 years and are still growing till now, Thank You very much for your continued support.

To my fellow Filipinos in Xiamen , your expectations may be high during my term but I know I did my best to achieve the goal of the FAX community in Xiamen which is to know their rights and to provide legitimate information. All the challenges I’ve encountered during my term kept me strong and motivated me to even strive hard to continue serving.

To all the FAX offcers 2012-2013 who work hard for the group to survive even if most of them are gone with the wind Thank You! for serving the community.

To the new FAX Offcers, I will still continue my 100% support, because I do believe that there’s no limitation when it comes to serving and helping others. Please continue to take good care of our community in Xiamen and do not forget to focus on our goal which is to help our fellow Filipinos. It is important that you reach out to all individuals in different levels not only those on top, but those who need most of your help and assistance. With this, you will earn a lot of respect from them which in turn is like a priceless token of appreciation for your hard work.

Lastly a million thanks to God for this wonderful journey, I learned a lot of things which molded me into a better person and I will always treasure that. I will not say goodbye, but instead I will say “Hello” to the beginning of my new journey to the next level.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Cheerful New Year to come! May the spirit of Christmas be with us always! Thank you very much, Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat.

Love and Kisses,

Angel Austria
FAX Out-Going President


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  1. “Walang tutulong sa kapwa natin Filipino kundi tayo lang rin mga kapwa nating pinoy”. I like this line and hopefully we stand to it as Filipinos! Not only magtulungan, dapat magka-isa!!!

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