ePassport Advisory – June 2011


To the Filipino Community in Fujian and Jiangxi Province:

The Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen announces that it will no longer accept applications for Machine-Readable Passports (MRPs) in view of the depleted supply of MRP booklets at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

Filipinos whose passport validity is less than one (1) year and cannot wait for the issuance of the ePassport can come to the Consulate General to apply for Passport Validity Extension. The Consulate General will only stamp an amendment on the validity of the old passport on its “Mga Susog – Amendments” page (page 3) of the passport, reflecting a one-year or two-year extension of validity. The fee for passport validity extension is RMBY200.00

On the other hand, the Consulate General is pleased to announce that it will start implementing the Electronic Passport (ePassport) Project VERY SOON.

An ePassport is a passport, which features microchip technology. An integrated circuit (chip) within its pages contains the data that are essential in verifying the identity of the passport holder. These data include the personal data found on the data page of the passport, the biometrics of the passport holder, the unique chip identification number, and a digital signature to verify the authenticity of the data stored on the chip.

The chip technology allows the information stored in an ePassport to be read by special chip readers at a close distance.

The ePassport is highly secure, hence avoids passport reproduction and tampering. The ePassport database is enhanced with Automated Fingerprint Verification System (AFIS) that guards against multiple passport issuances to the same person and enhances impostor detection.

It facilitates fast clearance of travellers at immigration checks.

ePassports provide travellers benefits such as use of automated border clearance or “E-gates”, automated issuance of boarding passes, and faster travel arrangements with airlines.

For countries, the use of electronic passport also provides better border protection.

The passport application procedure and requirements will remain basically the same with only a few modifications, as follows:

  • The requirements for ePassport processing will remain the same as that for the MRRP (green) or MRP (maroon), althoughPERSONAL APPEARANCE IS REQUIRED for the taking of biometrics (i.e., fingerprints, photo, and signature). This is true for new applicants, renewal applicants and for applicants who are renewing due to passport loss. Personal appearance for ePassport applications CANNOT BE WAIVED.
  • The picture to be used for the ePassport shall be taken at the Consulate General.
  • Passport fee for new and renewal applications is RMBY600.00. For replacement of lost passport, the fee is RMBY1,500.00.

Please see the attached information sheet for more information or you may contact the
Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen
No. 2 Ling Xiang Li, Lianhua District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, 361009
Telephone nos. (592) 5130355 / 5130366
Email: xiamenpc@yahoo.com.


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