Immigration Policies to be Implemented by Guangdong Province


To the Filipino Community in Fujian and Jiangxi Province:

The Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen wishes to inform all Filipinos of new immigration measures, which will be implemented in Guangdong province starting 01 May 2011. Said measures involve tighter policies on foreigners living and working within Guangdong as part of the province’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Guangdong province has recently shown an increase in the number of foreigners seeking employment and trade opportunities. This led to a growing number of illegal immigrants working or doing business in said province.

Recently the Consulate General received reports that said provincial regulation, which was approved by the provincial government on 21 January 2011, encourages people to report malpractices involving foreigners, such as illegal entry, overstaying, working without permits or conducting business without license.

Following are the salient points contained in the new immigration law, to wit:

  • No one is allowed to provide accommodation for foreigners who have overstayed or are without a valid passport and that property owners violating this rule will be fined three times the amount of the monthly rent they charge;
  • Any firm or individual who provides accommodation or bank accounts to foreigners without valid travel documents or whose visas have expired will be fined up to RMB¥10,000;
  • An employer of a foreigner without a valid work or residence permit will be fined up to RMB¥3,000 (US$450); and
  • A monetary reward will be given to those who will report overstaying foreigners to the Public Security Bureau or police or immigration authorities.

Furthermore, the Consulate General also cautions all Filipinos that Fujian province had started to detain foreigners who violate China’s immigration laws, particularly by overstaying with an expired visa. Overstaying foreigners are still made to pay for the exit Visa/clearance and their one way airfare ticket back to their country. Being detained for overstay, however does not ensure that the RMB¥5,000 fine for overstaying would be automatically waived since the nature of the penalty will depend on the investigation of the Public Security Bureau and the gravity of the foreigner’s violation.

In this regard and in view of the fact that the Consulate General has received various reports from different sources that the number of Filipinos working and residing illegally in this part of China has been increasing, our kababayans are once again reminded to ensure that that their stay and working status in China is covered by proper documentation and permits from relevant authorities to avoid any untoward incident.

Filipinos are further advised to be vigilant with regard to their legal status in China and to acquire the proper working and/or residence permit when intending to work in China. END


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