Advisory on H7N9


To our kababayans in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces:

The Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen would like to remind all our kababayans in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces to be extra careful in buying live poultry products and to maintain good hygiene habits since there have been reported cases of human H7N9 bird flu virus in Fujian province.

According to open sources, a total of 10 human H7N9 bird flu virus cases were reported in Fujian province since January 2014, including seven in Quanzhou and one each in Ningde, Xiamen and Sanming.

To prevent infection, medical personnel recommend observing the following standard personal precautions:

  1. Do not touch birds, pigs or other animals;
  2. Only eat food that is fully cooked;
  3. Practice good hygiene and cleanliness.
  4. Immediately seek medical attention or see a doctor if you get sick with a fever, coughing, fatigue or shortness of breath and have had significant exposure to birds.

Furthermore, Xiamen City has taken precautionary measures to prepare for treating and monitoring any suspected cases. It has designated nine hospitals in Xiamen which a suspected human H7N9 bird flu virus carrier may visit in case he/she experiences the abovementioned symptoms, to wit:

  • First Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University;
  • Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University;
  • Second Hospital of Xiamen City;
  • Xiamen Hospital of Chinese Traditional Medicine;
  • Third Hospital in Xiamen City;
  • Tong Min Hospital;
  • Xiamen Municipal Maternal and Child Health Care Center;
  • PLA 174 Hospital; and
  • Xiamen Changgung Hospital.

Filipinos in the Fujian province are again warned to take precautionary measures to prevent exposure to the virus.

The Consulate General will continue to closely monitor the situation and will inform the community of any updates on the matter. END.


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