Over 40 People Came Into Contact With Virus Patient, and Yet


A man who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 28 had already returned to his home in Shaanxi province after spending some time in Wuhan and is believed to have come into close contact with more than 40 people since then. Those include his parents, who have just recently been released from medical observation and declared non-infected.

How did all those people manage not to contract the virus despite being in contact with an infected patient?

First, masks are important.

The young man said he and his classmates bought medical n95 masks at the end of 2019 as soon as news first broke out about the virus on his WeChat Moments.

Since then, he’d been going grocery shopping and to restaurants always with a mask on.

Even on his way back from Wuhan to Zhengzhou in Henan province on January 22 and, subsequently, back to his home in Xi’an, he kept his mask on at all times.

And while that didn’t stop him from contracting the virus, he remained vigilant and mindful of everyone else’s health.

In addition to wearing a mask, it’s also important to limit your contact with others. To him, this meant not talking to anyone throughout his journey back home.

As he arrived in Xi ‘an late at night, he stayed in a hotel for one night and then went home, but did not go out that night.

After taking a bus home the next day, the young man chose to disinfect and quarantine his entire home. He swabbed his suitcase and phone with alcohol and persuaded his family to cancel their New Year’s Eve dinner.

Then he began to self-quarantine after reporting to the local government.

Netizens have been praising him for “doing the right thing”, especially as we’re still in a critical phase in our prevention against and control of the pandemic.

It’s not just up to the government and medical staff, but also up to us to maintain good levels of hygiene while making sure we’re not putting anyone else’s heath in jeopardy.

If you do have to go out, wash your hands frequently and please wear a mask.

Let’s work together in our fight against the virus.


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