Instead Of Selfies, We Document Our Journey In A More Interesting Way – Doodles


We were just having our regular date over cups of coffee when we suddenly had an idea of documenting our journey in a different way. She loves to doodle, he loves to take pictures. Voila! Doodledeux was created.

Doodle according to free dictionary means “to draw or sketch something aimlessly”. Deux in French means “two” or it can also mean “about them”. So doodledeux is our personal project where we share our story as a couple with a little help from our caricatures, let’s just call them Abang and Neng.

#1 Meditating On Beautiful Pandawa Beach… Or Just Play Pretend?

#2 Candlelight Dinner By The Jimbaran Beach

#3 The Smell Of The Ocean, Wind Breezes Thru Your Hair And A Breathtaking View!

#4 Sky Above Our Heads, Sand Beneath Our Feet… Life Is Good!

#5 Ola! Greetings From The Most Colourful Restaurant In Bali: Motel Mexicola

#6 Go For A “Jagung Bakar” Or Roasted Corn On The Cob

#7 Cheers To The Sunset By The Beach Club!

#8 Woohoo! We’re Finally Here At The Beach!

#9 Just A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down…

#10 Giving An Offering To The Mighty Garuda

#11 A Good Cup Of Coffee Can Keep You Awake When Trying To Meet Deadlines

#12 A Picture With Vishnu At Garuda Wisnu Kencana, A Cultural Park In Bali

#13 Enjoying La Laguna

#14 A Visit To The Uluwatu Temple

#15 Before You Reach Pandawa Beach, You Will Be Greeted By 5 Pandawa Brothers Statue From Mahabharata Story

#16 One Thing That Abang & Neng Would Never Want To Miss When In Bali Is To Dig Into This Delicious Pork Ribs From Naughty Nuri’s

#17 Healthy Breakfast

#18 Sunday Calls For Delicious Meal! How ’bout “sop Buntut” Or Oxtail Soup?

#19 Ayayay! This Place Is Amazing!

#20 Wandering Around

#21 When You Go To Bali, Look For Their Art & Craft Everywhere

#22 How Cute Is This Place!

#23 Just Another Fine Morning When Abang & Neng Were Having Brunch In Bali…

Source: AfricanTime


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