Eastman Metal Industries | Emmanuel Damayo Maraon

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Igpit, Opol,
9016 Misamis Oriental
Mindano, Philippines

Email: [email protected]

Engr. Emmanuel Damayo Maraon
Mobile: 00639272074126



EASTMAN METAL INDUSTRIES, is a tough and innovative fabrication business which respond to any requirements on post-harvest facilities, farm agro-machineries, rice and corn mill, as well as feed mills within the island of Mindanao.

Existence and establishment of this business has made its name into and array of successful personnel management style as well as business partner.In the recent, it has been recognized by some private end users including the office of Department of Agriculture (DA) Region 10.

In relation with this, EASTMAN METAL INDUSTRIES, has portrayed a business into a contract-out scheme in solving problem of any agro-industrial machineries by way of their sharp creativity in fabrication and also handling a lifetime service maintenance of units, equipment’s as well.

The EASTMAN METAL INDUSTRIES, is a single proprietorship in nature but a family business in it’s way of management style and scheme. This has started in the late 70′s under the stewardship of ENGR. EMMANUEL D. MARAON – B.S. Mechanical Engineering, who graduated in Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT).

Due to the rapid increases of demands on food production. The EASTMAN METAL INDUSTRIES, vision move to a greater and wider scope in it’s field and endeavor, to give excellent and quality services to all clients as their main line of business, that is your satisfaction is our guarantee in our service.

At recent, the EASTMAN METAL INDUSTRIES plans to expand it’s services into building construction, computation and estimates, design, fabrication and installation of mechanical drier, bio-gas gasifier and or any mechanical stainless project.

And has and accreditation from the Department of Agriculture (DA), National Food Authority (NFA), Bureau of Post-Harvest for Research and Extension (BPRE), Metalworking Industries Association of the Philippines (MIAP), of which it bring strong vivid enthusiasm to their untiring efforts in this field of business.


  • MetalWorking Industries Association of the Philippines
  • Oro Chamber of Commerce
  • Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension
  • Department of Agriculture
  • National Food Authority


1972Romualdo Bajade – Corn MillPantuccan, Davao Oriental
1972Rosauro Mejos – Corn & Rice MillBanay-banay, Lupon Davao Oriental
1972Candida Mejos – Corn & Rice MillCompustela, Davao del Norte
1972David Bardago – Corn MillTagum, Davao del Norte
1972Atonio Caballero – Corn MillAdecor, Davao del Norte
1972Francisco Omega – Corn MillAsuncion, Tagum, Davao del Norte
1973Ramon Apostol – Corn & Rice MillBangangga, Davao Oriental
1973Abelardo Abellera – Corn MillCapulong, Davao del Norte
1973Pascual Limutin – Corn MillAsuncion, Tagum, Davao del Norte
1973Faustino Ucba – Corn MillTagum, Davao del Norte
1973Faustino Ballarta – Corn MillBarakatan, Compustela, Davao del Norte
1973Plascido Dumayas – Corn & Rice MillMagsaysay, Kialig, Davao del Sur
1974Victoriana Yasay – Corn MillIgpit, Opol, Misamis Oriental
1974Portunato Rosales – Corn MillBagontaas, Valencia, Bukidnon
1974Faustino Rosales – Corn MillLurogan, Valencia, Bukidnon
1974Leonga Lim – Corn MillInitao, Misamis Oriental
1974Tan Hai – Corn MillManticao, Misamis Oriental
1974Mariano Tan – Corn MillEl Salvador, Misamis Oriental
1974Protacio Flores – Corn MillLilingayon, Valencia, Bukidnon
1974Jose Galarpe – Corn MillUpper Lilingayon, Valencia, Bukidnon
1974Benjamin Adlawon – Corn MillGuinoyoran, Valencia, Bukidnon
1975Romy Sahulga – Corn MillBantuanon, Malaybalay, Bukidnon
1975Winsislao Villaflor – Corn & Rice MillLumatao, Valencia, Bukidnon
1975Gabriel Cadorna – Corn MillGingoog City
1976Alicia Gondoya – Corn MillMahayag, Gigoog City
1976Mariano Dacuran – Corn MillKiburiao, Bukidnon
1977Juan Parujinog – Corn MillSan Martin, Malaybalay, Bukidnon
1977Ananiao Palma – Corn Mill
1977Eddie Enguito – Corn MillCagayan de Oro City
1977Dionisio Kiamco – Corn & Rice MillValencia, Bukidnon
1978Manny Escalante – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn Sheller, Coffe PulperClaveria, Misamis Oriental
1978Mateo Calingin – Corn & Rice Mill, Coffee PulperClaveria, Misamis Oriental
1978Adriano Patindol – Corn Mill & ShellerDon Carlos, Bukidnon
1978Alfredo Sahulga – Corn MillSan Martin, Malaybalay, Bukidnon
1978Bernando Pendon – Corn MillKalilangan, Baukidnon
1978Alejo Ramos – Corn & Rice MillDagumbaan, Maramag, Bukidnon
1978Wenceslao Caumban – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerKalilangan, Bukidnon
1978Lucio Raagas – Corn Mill & Rice MillIponan, Cagayan de Oro City
1978Antonio Bongolto – Corn MillCogon, El Salvador, Mis. Or.
1978Lino Dy – Corn MillManticao, Misamis Oriental
1979Abundio Ligan – Corn & Rice MillNatulungan, Kibawe, Bukidnon
1979Corazon Parujinog – Corn & Rice MillKiburiao, Bukidnon
1979Jose Ma. Dy – Corn MillLaguindingan, Misamis Oriental
1979Julito Capangpangan – Corn Mill, Corn Sheller, Feed MillsCaniogan, Tubod, Lanao del Norte
1979Bonifacio Padilla – Corn & Rice MillCabanlasan, Bukidnon
1980Precentacion Obsioman – Corn MillCanitoan, Cagayan de Oro City
1980Felipe Sahulga Jr. – Corn MillAglayan, Malaybalay, Bukidnon
1980Calixto Guipetacio – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn ShellerDangcagan, Bukidnon
1981Jimmy Bunayog – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerKadingilan, Bukidnon
1981Cepriano Ariola Jr. – Corn MillCaluda, Iligan City
1982Ramon Amba Jr. – Corn Mill, Corn Sheller, Feed MillsKiangat, Dangcagan, Bukidnon
1982Patricio Bernales – Corn & Rice MillTalakag, Bukidnon
1983Nonecio Sagrado – Corn & Rice MillEl Salvador, Misamis Oriental
1983Romualdo Bajade – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn ShellerLumbia, Cagayan de Oro City
1983Ramon Aberasturi – Corn MillGusa, Cagayan de Oro City
1983Potenciano Delfiero – Corn MillPitugo, Zamboanga del Norte
1984Eutropio Saguin – Corn Mill, Corn Sheller, Coffee PulperClaveria, Misamis Oriental
1984Hanastacio Laotoco – Corn ShellerBaugon, Bukidnon
1985Miguel Modequillo – Corn ShellerLibona, Bukidnon
1985Eddie Wong – Rice MillAlubijid, Misamis Oriental
1986Modesto Lago – Corn ShellerLingating, Baungon, Bukidnon
1986Florencio Quilaton – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn ShellerKadingilan, Bukidnon
1987Roger Tangara – Rice MillDuero, Bohol
1987Peping Bunayog – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerKadingilan, Bukidnon
1987Romualdo Montalvo – Corn ShellerNatulungan, Kibawe, Bukidnon
1988Crisostomo Quezo – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerNatulungan, Kibawe, Bukidnon
1988Joveniano Guipetacio – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerKauswagan, Dangcagan, Bukidnon
1989Jerry Canoy – Corn ShellerKadingilan, Bukidnon
1989William Tan – Rice Mill, Giant Corn ShellerImpasug-ong, Bukidnon
1989Edgar Lonio – Corn MillBalingasag, Mimamis Oriental
1990Romy Onda – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn Sheller & Feed MillMalaybalay, Bukidnon
1990Henry Concepcion – Feed MillOpol, Misamis Oriental
1990Ramon Lim – Giant Corn ShellerAglayan, Malaybalay, Bukidnon
1991Benjamin Yana – Corn Mill & ShellerLingating, Baungon, Bukidnon
1991Jimmy Ong – Commercial Rice MillTugas, Quezon, Bukidnon
1992Simporiano Guipetacio – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn ShellerMaramag, Bukidnon
1992Cristino Cabugao – Rice MillManolo Fortich, Bukidnon
1993Leo Ebuna – Corn ShellerEl Salvador, Misamis Oriental
1993Calixto Tumulak – Corn Mill, Corn Sheller, Feed MillLunukan, Upper Puerto, CDO
1993Tagpangi Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Rice & Corn Mill, Corn ShellerTagpangi, Cagayan de Oro City
1994Taglimao Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Rice & Corn Mill, Corn ShellerTaglimao, Cagayan de Oro City
1994Salic Arumpac – Commercial Rice MillBaloi, Lanao del Norte
1994Cepriano Garcia – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerGingoog City
1994Roger Tan – Giant Corn ShellerAglayan, Malaybalay, Bukidnon
1994Eliza Tan – Giant Corn ShellerDon Carlos, Bukidnon
1995Sampaguita Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn ShellerKibawe, Bukidnon
1995Tumaras Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn ShellerKibawe, Bukidnon
1995Bukang Liway-way Multi-Purpose Coop – Corn ShellerKibawe, Bukidnon
1995Pedro Estonillo – Rice MillImpasug-ong, Bukidnon
1995Samson Hoi – Feed MillBangkod, Valencia, Bukidnon
1996Cepriano Namukatkat – Corn ShellerLingating, Baungon, Bukidnon
1996Sto. Nino Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerManolo Fortich, Bukidnon
1996Luciano Ligan – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn ShellerNatulungan, Kibawe, Bukidnon
1996Virgilio Neri – Corn ShellerClaveria, Misamis Oriental
1997Antonio Neri – Feed MillIponan, Cagayan de Oro City
1997Liboran SN Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Feed MillBaungon, Bukidnon
1997Alex Dy – Feed MillBalulang, Cagayan de Oro City
1998Welfredo Bagol – Corn & Rice Mill, Corn ShellerTubod, Lanao del Norte
1998Arturo Tan – Corn Mill, Corn ShellerBaungon, Bukidnon
1999Eliezer Sundo – Commercial Corn Mill, Warehouse ConstructionUpper Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City
1999Aguilo Pantalunan – Corn MillBalingasag, Misamis Oriental
2000Tannie Mala – Commercial Corn Mill, Warehouse ConstructionBaloi, Lanao del Norte
2000Libertad Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn MillPanuluon, Lanao del Norte
2000BPRE – Trailer & HarvesterCagayan de Oro City
2001San Vicente Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn MillGutalak, Zamboanga del Norte
2001Liboran Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn & Rice Mill, Hammer MillBaungon, Bukidnon
2002San Vicente Mult-Purpose Cooperative – Rice MillLanao del Norte
(STAR-CM Finance) Rice Mill Project
2002Sta. Cruz Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Rice MillLanao del Norte
(STAR-CM Finance) Rice Mill Project
2002Rustom Briones – Rice ThresherAlubijid, Misamis Oriental
2002Bulacan Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Rice MillSiocon, Zamboanga del Norte
2003Menzi Basilan – Mechanical DryerIsabela, Basilan
2003Kidalog Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn MillKadingilan, Bukidnon
2004Dumingag Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Corn MillZamboanga del Sur
2004Dumingag Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Traveling Rice MillZamboanga del Sur
2004Canoto Enerio Multi-Purpose Coop. – Corn MillGutalak, Zamboanga del Norte
2004Sally Joy Jajalla – 2 Storey Residential ConstructionLuyong Bonbon, Opol, Mis. Or.
2005Bonifacio Bajan – Corn MillClaveria, Misamis Oriental
2005Del Monte Fresh Produce – Elevated Water Tank 6k gal. CapTalakag, Bukidnon
2005Cornelia Abragan – Corn Mill & Warehouse ConstructionBaugon, Bukidnon
2006San Miguel Corp – Converyor RollersIligan City
2006Julito Capangpangan – Drilling Machine, Feed Mill, Hammer MillCaniogan, Tubod, Lanao del Norte
2006Pualas Diamla CooperativePualas, Diamla, Lanao del Sur
(STAR-CM Finance) Rice Mill Project

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  1. ryan natinga says:

    Good Day!

    I am requesting for a price quotation for a rice milling machine with its capacity, photos and complete specification. I am from Department of Science and Technology based in Bukidnon. The department has programs for small/medium enterprises and price quotation are required for the proposal. Do you have rice milling machines with atleast 50kg. capacity per hour or more which cost ranges below Php 2,000,000.00? The department limits the cost of equipment/machinery below 2 million and above 100 thousand. There might be chances that the DOST will acquire the machine from your company. Kindly send it to my email address [email protected] or you can contact me at 09486050356

    Thank you! God bless

    Ryan Jay Natinga

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